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Delivery Information


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Cutebit Electronics LLC Shopping Policies


Free Shipping Worldwide:


Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, your order may take longer than usual to arrive. We're moving as fast as we can to deliver our goodies to you as quickly as possible. We are happy to offer free shipping on our products. All order Goods are shipped within 1-3 business days (Locally) and 4-7 business days (Globally) after payment is received and confirmed.

Delivery times may be longer for some high-demand custom products. In some cases, shipping time may take up to 10 days. Factors such as logistics delays, holidays such as Christmas, weather conditions, natural disasters and customs clearance can all affect the arrival time. Although Most packages arrive on time, the carrier may experience some situations and delays. Thanks for your patience. We are always working to improve our shipping times while maintaining the same low prices for our customers.




Cutebit Electronics LLC is able to ship to most local and International freight forwarders and freight consolidators from any of our local stores.

Returns Policy

Return / Exchange Policies

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return most product within the specified return period (usually 30 days) for an exchange or a full refund.




To receive full credit, all returned product must be in the same condition as when purchased, complete with all accessories, instructions, original box and packaging. Products not meeting these requirements will not be accepted for return.  Management (at its sole discretion) may accept or return product not meeting these requirements subject to a 20 percent charge, plus a charge for missing parts.